What is “The Footwear Mag”

Hello and thank you for visiting TheFootwearMag.com. My name is Floyd Carignan, and I’m on a mission to provide you with practical information that will help you be happy and successful in your skill trade career.

TheFootwearMag.com was founded with the objective of providing employees with straightforward guidance on skilled craft occupations.

I was frequently annoyed by the scarcity of information regarding these issues on the internet. I wanted TheFootwearMag.com to be unique, so I made a promise to myself to make sure our advice could be followed by average workers with hectic schedules and difficult occupations.

My Story

Floyd Carignan
Floyd Carignan

In Minnesota, I grew up on a farm. With my two elder brothers, I had a rather ordinary upbringing. Years passed and owing to my father, who instilled in me a love of working with my hands, I began to master building and roofing skills.

Following my marriage, I continued to work in a variety of skilled trade positions, including construction worker, roofer, electrician, and plumber. I never realized how much I was involved in providing my coworkers advise on many matters related to working in construction and other sectors since it happened so gradually! Since then, I’ve been focusing on providing people guidance, which is my ultimate goal.

That’s how TheFootwearMag.com came to be.

It took a lot of trial and error for me to eventually create this blog, and I’m happy for the opportunity to share my ideas and suggestions with so many others. My team and I have helped thousands of people live better lives and advance their careers in skilled trade occupations in the years since I started.

The internet nowadays is awash in low-cost, low-quality information. That isn’t going to assist anyone.

Because there is so much misinformation about trade-skilled employees out there, my team and I at WorkBootsGuru.com have outlined some simple guidelines that every trade skilled worker should follow.

This is so that I can give you a single location where you can obtain all of your job advise without the confusion you would encounter elsewhere.

How do we create our articles?

1. We collect questions

We collect all of the questions that are linked to a certain topic. We attempt to address all of your inquiries, whether it’s through an informative post or a product review.

2. We do the research

We conduct significant testing and research. The goal is to collect all of the answers to the questions we gathered in the previous stage. This takes us between 30 and 60 hours to complete.

3. We write the articles

Our writing staff meets with our research team to determine the best approach to each story. After everything has been thought out, the piece is written by a team of writers.

Are you reliable?

We are not driven to provide any preference to any brand or product due to the nature of our monetization strategy. On the contrary, we attempt to generate information that is both useful and enjoyable. We participate in the Amazon Affiliate program, which pays us a small commission for ANY goods you purchase on Amazon.com after visiting our site, as detailed below. As a result, it makes no difference to us whether you buy one brand or the other.

Do you have any other inquiries?

If that’s the case, please don’t hesitate to contact us!