9 Best Rubber Work Boots In 2021 [Expert Recommonded]

If you are in a hurry, You can pick our editor’s best choice: Tingley Economy Kneed Rubber Work Boot.

In this article, we have enlisted the best rubber work boots for 2021 that will be able to fuel your endeavors without breaking into a sweat.

Rubber work boots exemplify practicality. Rubber work boots have long been the go-to footwear for keeping our feet dry in mucky and wet work and leisure areas, such as farms, gardens, orchards, hunting and fishing camps, nurseries, nature preserves, and landscaping labor, among others.

Rubber work boots, on the other hand, have recently gained more attention as not only useful but also attractive footwear solutions. The days when rubber work boots came in a single design and color and were reserved for outside labor are long gone.

They are now available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns, giving you far more options than rubber work boots did decades ago, allowing you to create a unique fashion statement if that is your thing.

Today’s rubber work boots are more durable than in years past, owing to advancements in building processes and materials. We’ve produced a list of some of our favorite rubber work boots available right now.

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in narrowing down your alternatives and identifying a pair that is suitable for your needs.

Top 9 Best Rubber work boots In December 2021 [Recommonded]

1. Tingley Economy Kneed Rubber Work Boot

The Tingley 31151 Economy SZ12 Kneed Boot is a fantastic choice for the discriminating price shopper. These work boots are among the most affordable on the market, yet do not skimp on excellent workmanship.

The budget-conscious customer, like everyone else, needs durable and protective footwear, which this boot provides.

This waterproof and robust injection-molded PVC footwear will endure the test of time. Its strong outsole is made up of 30% recycled material and is not only eco-friendly but also abrasion-resistant.

This boot has a flexible top material that claims to remain flexible and comfortable in cooler conditions, making walking simpler.

These work boots are suited for agricultural and industrial applications. These are simple rubber work boots. They lack a warming or moisture-absorbing liner, which makes them unsuitable for colder temperatures or regions.

However, they are resistant to caustic chemicals, fats, some acids, hydrocarbons, and other chemicals, making them a safe and dependable choice.

2. Arctic Shield Neoprene Rubber Work Boot

The ArcticShield Waterproof Durable Insulated Rubber Neoprene Outdoor work boots take home the title for best-insulated rubber boots.

The soles of these work boots are made of high-quality, waterproof all-natural rubber that will give years of dependable usage on a variety of slippery and uneven terrain.

The upper is comprised of 7mm extra-thick neoprene with a protective rubber overlay to keep mud, rain, snow, grime, and moisture out.

The insoles are exceptionally cushioned for long-term comfort and support, and they’re totally detachable so they can air out and dry if they become wet.

These work boots are super-insulated to keep your feet warm in even the coldest conditions. The heat-resistant insulation claims to collect and hold up to 90% of your body heat, keeping your feet toasty even in the coldest and hardest situations.

They’re not suitable for humid locations or warm and hot weather.

3. Muck Boot Adult MuckMaster Hi-Cut Rubber Work Boot

The Muck Boot Adult MuckMaster Hi-Cut Boot is our pick for the best overall rubber boot. Muck work boots MuckMaster Hi-Cut work boots for Adults This boot satisfies all of the criteria for durability, practicality, usefulness, and affordability.

The outsole of this boot is made of molded rubber and is completely waterproof. It provides good grip and stability on uneven, slippery, and damp terrain. Its calf-high top is made of 5mm neoprene, which provides flexibility and comfort while also absorbing shock, retaining heat, and allowing for ventilation.

Additionally, it conforms to the shape of your foot, preventing chafing and blisters produced by excessive rubbing against the skin.

The top is reinforced and protected with a rubber overlay that improves moisture absorption and puncture resistance. Its taut topline helps keep out water and dirt while also trapping in heat.

With few design and color possibilities, selecting a boot is simple, if not a touch dull. There is also some worry regarding the boot’s long-term durability, so keep that in mind if you want to use it regularly.

4. Caterpillar Unisex-Adult Stormers Steel Toe Rubber Work Boot

The Caterpillar Stormers 11 receives the prize for the best steel toe rubber footwear “Industrial Steel Toe Boot. Stormers Caterpillars 11 “Industrial Steel Toe Boot. Caterpillar understands work and safety.

These rugged rubber work boots are available in black, olive, and yellow and have been tested to assure the finest traction in their class. These work boots are made of multi-layered vulcanized rubber and are both oil– and slip-resistant for further safety in the workplace.

Their custom-designed footbed provides hours of relaxation, shock absorption, and energy-return cushioning, while their stable outsole is great for rough terrain.

A plush neoprene lining keeps you warm and dry while minimizing rashes and blisters caused by irritating friction.

Convenient reflective pull tabs make it simple to put on and take off while also increasing your visibility at night. Additionally, these work boots protect against electrical hazards up to 600 volts.

Apart from their thickness, there is little to dislike about these work boots. Because of the steel toe and improved toughness, they are not the lightest boot available, but that is barely a consideration when considering the additional safety measures included with this boot.

5. Crocs All Cast Rubber Work Boot Boot

The Crocs AllCast Rain Boot is the best rubber boot that sits mid-shin. Crocs AllCast Waterproof Rain Boot.

Crocs is a leader in waterproof footwear, and these 100% synthetic-soled rubber work boots give the protection and ease of use that have been synonymous with the brand.

These rubber work boots are constructed without seams to provide additional protection against leakage. They are great for use on the job site, in the garden, along the coast, or when boating, or in any other mucky or damp environment.

They feature Crocs’ distinctive lightweight, full-foot molding, which provides ample comfort and support for all-day usage.

This boot, which sits mid-calf, may be worn over or under jeans and does not restrict movement as some rubber work boots with taller uppers do.

However, reviewers caution that the shaft of this boot is thin and may be difficult to put on if you have a bigger foot size, so keep that in mind if you’re a size 10 or higher.

6. HISEA Unisex Rain work boots Garden Rubber Work Boot

The Hisea Unisex Waterproof Garden work boots receive great reviews for being a comfortable, waterproof boot that is appropriate for moderate quantities of moisture and dirt.

They are lined with 5mm neoprene and include high-quality rubber overlays to keep your feet warm and dry when working outdoors.

One of the most appealing qualities of these work boots is their low-cut shape, which makes them simpler and faster to put on and off than rubber work boots with a higher shaft.

While wearing these sneakers, a lightweight and breathable mesh lining allow for ventilation and the escape of humidity and moisture.

Of course, the disadvantage of these work boots is that, due to their low cut, they are not suited for higher amounts of rain or mud, which might creep over the lip on the ankle of the boot and into the inside. They are, nonetheless, an excellent alternative for lesser work.

7. Dunlop Rubber Work Boot

The Dunlop 8677612 Chesapeake work boots earn an honorable mention for being among the lightest steel toe rubber work boots available.

They are composed of waterproof PVC rather than genuine rubber, making them 25% lighter than traditional rubber work boots.

These work boots, which are proudly created in the United States, include an STM F2413-11 certified steel toe and are resistant to oils and chemicals, making them ideal for usage in industrial settings.

Additionally, they feature a BAY-LOC energy-absorbing outsole that is precisely engineered to channel and reject water.

These work boots are an excellent value for the price, but their PVC composition means they will wear out more quickly than traditional rubber work boots.

Additionally, the insole is not the comfiest for extended periods of time. If you want to wear them as your regular work boot, consider upgrading to a premium insole.

8. BOGS Sauvie Slip on Chukka Rain Boot Rubber Work Boot

Consider the Bogs Men’s Sauvie Slip on Low Height Chukka Waterproof Rain Boot if you want a lower-heeled work boot but still want tight ankle protection.

This rubber-soled boot lies just above the ankle bones and provides an adequate barrier against most rain and mud without reaching all the way up the calf, allowing for maximum mobility and breathability in any damp setting.

This boot’s shaft measures roughly 5.5 inches from arch to toe. As a result, these work boots are quick and simple to put on and take off.

They include rebound cushioning and 3mm of Neo-Tech waterproof neoprene insulation for all-day comfort, warmth, and dryness.

While these work boots are quite comfortable, their synthetic/rubber design means they will not be as sturdy or long-lasting as work boots made entirely of rubber.

Additionally, they lack the chemical and oil resistance of several other versions on the market.

9. LaCrosse Grange Rubber Work Boot

If you’re an ardent hunter or simply want a long-lasting, high-quality rubber boot, the LaCrosse Men’s Grange 18″ Waterproof Hunting Boot is an excellent alternative.

This boot is constructed entirely of rubber, making it one of the most durable on the market, since it is not blended with any lower-quality building materials that cause it to decay more quickly.

Not only is the hand-laid quality ZXT rubber waterproof, but it is also odorless, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally alerting wildlife when hunting.

Additionally, the rubber is ozone-resistant, tear- and abrasion-resistant, and has an increased tensile strength, which provides these work boots with enhanced grip and slide resistance on any terrain.

They’re simple to put on and take off due to the broad mouth of the shaft, but keep in mind the high shaft height if your calves are on the shorter side.

While working, you do not want the top of the boot to rub and cut into your knees.

Best Rubber Work Boots: What To Look For?

Materials And Construction Of Exceptional Quality

Not every pair of rubber work boots is made equal. Rubber work boots are often made by a process called vulcanization, in which rubber is blended with other materials and then molded into a single unit that includes the whole boot, regardless of style.

This one-of-a-kind structure, which does not require any stitching or glue, is what makes rubber work boots entirely waterproof and durable.

Some work boots will be more durable than others, depending on the ratio of rubber to other compounds used in their manufacturing, so be careful to verify before purchasing anything you intend to use frequently or extensively.


This is critical for anyone who intends to spend extended periods of time in rubber work boots. Due to their lack of cushioning and forgiving nature, rubber work boots are frequently coated with extra support and heat-retaining, moisture-wicking materials that allow you to stand comfortably for extended periods of time without experiencing foot or lower back pain.

Always put on your work boots and walk around the home or indoors for a few minutes to ensure they’re comfortable before exposing them to external settings, after which they’re not returnable.

Safety Specifications

Certain rubber work boots are equipped with a variety of safety features and can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, industrial tasks require rubber work boots with steel toe reinforcements and a particular chemical-resistant design.

For hunters, camouflaged rubber work boots that conceal your smell are frequently available. If you want to use your rubber work boots for purposes other than gardening or strolling through a mucky barnyard, consider the safety features you desire before making a purchase.


Depending on the application, you may require rubber work boots that cover and protect your entire calf, mid-calf, or just your ankles.

Ankle-length rubber work boots offer increased breathability, flexibility, and ease of on-and-off, but offer less protection against water and muck that can swirl up and into the boot as you walk.


This sort of goes hand in hand with comfort, but because rubber work boots do not “break-in” as other work boots or work boots do, having a rubber boot that does not fit properly might result in persistent blisters or pressure spots that make them nearly difficult to wear for an extended period of time.

Check your calf width as well, since certain designs of rubber work boots may pinch or feel overly tight in the calf area.

Best Rubber Work Boots: Kinds

work boots For Rain Or Wellingtons

The original rubber work boots were composed of vulcanized rubber and were designed specifically to enable farmers and laborers to work outside in the rain and dirt.

They were popularized by the Duke of Wellington, who was a staunch supporter of their use, and as a result, they are occasionally referred to as Wellingtons.

work boots For Hunting And Fishing

These are a more recent type and are often made of a blend of neoprene and rubber. They reach mid- or full-calf, are scent-proof, and are designed to keep your feet dry and toasty warm during chilly hunting weather. They are frequently printed in camouflage to aid with concealment.

work boots For Work

Since the 1920s, when industrialization brought up workplace safety regulations and compensation legislation, this form of rubber footwear has been present.

These rubber work boots are an obvious option due to rubber’s resistance to oils and chemicals, as well as electrical current, and its great grip on slick cement manufacturing floors.

Additionally, these work boots will include a reinforced steel toe to defend against falling debris or the accidental drop of large objects.


This rubber boot type is growing in popularity and is now available in a number of sizes and styles. You may wear them in the garden, on the farm, around town, while hiking, or wherever your heart desires. Recently, celebrities have lauded them for their trendy usefulness.

Best Rubber Work Boots: Researching

We spent much time investigating the products currently available on the market. As a consequence, we discovered that there are several sorts of rubber work boots to consider. This is the information we uncovered.

Rainwork boots or Wellingtons

Rubber work boots were created to protect against the elements and dirt. Perhaps the most renowned are the “Wellingtons,” as the Duke of Wellington popularized them. These were the first vulcanized rubber work boots.

work boots for work

Work shoes were important for employees in hazardous environments in the 1920s as a result of unprecedented industrialization and compensation regulations. Rubber work boots gained popularity due to their resistance to chemicals, heat, cold, and lubricants.

Hunting or Fishing

Rubber coupled with neoprene provides excellent rubber work boots for hunting or fishing. These work boots, which are available in camouflage hues, are odorless on the trail and particularly efficient while wading through water.

A common variation is the “duck boot,” which is designed for hunting in shallow water. Rubber work boots are the only footwear option for professional fishermen.

The Generic Rubber Multipurpose Boot

One does not need a special reason to own a pair of rubber work boots. These work boots are ideal for gardening, hiking, and ranch activities.

Best Rubber Work Boots: Testing

We put these options to the test by having our staff wear them for many days in a variety of weather and environmental conditions and in a variety of job circumstances.

To obtain a good notion, we tried them on the farm, in the industry, and in ecological trash collection. Then we exchanged notes and determined which rubber work boots for work were the best.

Rubber work boots Are They EH Rated?

When reading about rubber work boots, you may be wondering what the EH grade is. Any pair of work boots or work shoes that receives an EH grade has been designated as having an “electrical hazard.”

This seal indicates that the American Society of Testing and Materials has evaluated these work boots to ensure they provide adequate protection against electrocution.

work boots with this grade have been designed to protect employees from up to 600 volts in a dry environment. This footwear is constructed with shock-resistant soles and heels that do not behave as conductors of electrical current.

Does Wearing Rubber work boots Prevent Snake Bites?

Rubber work boots that guard against snake bites are also available. If you work in an area that is home to these creatures, or if your line of work exposes you to this possible hazard, you should seek this sort of boot particularly.

Numerous manufacturers, like Muck Boot Company and LaCrosse Footwear, conduct snakebite testing to ensure their footwear is sufficiently resistant.

Best Rubber Work Boots: Advantages


One of the primary benefits and reasons for purchasing rubber work boots is their total waterproof nature, which provides the best protection for your feet in damp or flooded areas.

Excellent traction

Rubber work boots give the most secure and stable grip on slick wet surfaces, reducing your risk of sustaining damage or injury from a slip or fall.

Additionally, this traction offers adequate friction on surfaces, allowing for the creation of leverage while pushing or pulling large things without slipping.

Grounding defense

Rubber work boots assist prevent you from unintentional electrocution if a live wire comes into touch with a damp or flooded area. Rubber work boots may save your life in the aftermath of a storm or natural catastrophe when conditions are unknown.

Calf defense

The majority of rubber work boots extend to the mid-calf or higher, preventing water from entering the boot. This is particularly useful in flood scenarios, where you may find yourself wading through several inches of standing water or muck.

Additionally, they provide critical support and protection for the ankle joints and foot against accidental contact.

Flexible and lightweight

Rubber work boots have the benefit of being composed of a lightweight and flexible material that won’t weigh you down needlessly while you’re walking a lot. This helps prevent fatigue and blisters or contact sores produced by stiffer, heavier materials.


Rubber work boots are an excellent choice for hunters since they prevent the fragrance of your feet and calves from escaping into the natural environment and accidentally alerting sensitive animals to your presence.

Best Rubber Work Boots: Top Brands


Caterpillar, founded in 1892, has long been a pioneer in the development and utilization of industrial equipment and supplies. It was a pioneer in the development of big mining and earthmoving machinery, not to mention its ground-breaking Solar Powered Turbine Technology.

Caterpillar also manufactures apparel and equipment for industrial employees, such as its Steel Toe work boots.

The Original Muck Boot Manufacturer

For over two decades, Muck Boot Company has specialized in and manufactured rubber work boots. It specializes in producing rugged rubber work boots that can withstand the muckiest messes and the wettest weather, such as the Women’s Muck Originals Pull-On Mid-Calf Boot and the Men’s Muckster II Ankle Boot, which are two of the company’s best-selling goods.


Crocs presented a completely new and unique style of footwear to the globe in 2002. Crocs’ line of waterproof and weather-resistant work boots and sandals is now a global brand.

It creates cutting-edge footwear such as the Women’s Neria Pro II Graphic Clog for work and the Men’s Bogota Flip Flop for casual use.


ArcticShield was established by hunters for hunters, with the goal of enabling hunters to spend more time outside without succumbing to the hardships of severe climes and freezing temperatures.

The Realtree Edge Quiet Tech Jacket and the Blaze Orange Performance Fit Bib are two of the company’s more well-known items.

Best Rubber Work Boots: Pricing

Below $50

This pricing range is sufficient to obtain a basic rubber boot. Completely waterproof, but without extra features such as insulation for colder weather or a variety of designs or colors.


There are several rubber work boots available in this price range. You’ll begin to notice differences in tire patterns, boot height, color, and degree of insulation.

$100 and above

This pricing level is intended for individuals who perform extensive labor in their rubber work boots. work boots in this category are often made of the best quality materials and include the highest degrees of insulation, allowing you to operate in virtually any sort of weather or muck.

FAQ’s On Best Rubber Work Boots

Why Are Rubber work boots Used?

The primary consideration when selecting rubber work boots is, of course, the weather. Rubber work boots are well-known for their ability to defend against heavy rain and even snow.

If you’re unable to avoid puddles, mud, or slush, a decent rubber boot will rescue the day, and you’ll be pleased you did.

Another factor to consider when selecting rubber work boots is your work environment. Are you in danger of being exposed to dangerous conditions? These work boots are quite useful if the flooring or pavement is slick since they will protect you from falling.

Your feet will be shielded from damage if a hammer or other large object falls.

Rubber work boots can also provide protection if you operate in a location that is extremely hot, such as a mine or a factory.

Finally, but definitely not least, when contemplating rubber work boots is the comfort they may bring if you spend most of the day standing for work. These work boots are indispensable on farms, ranches, especially for hunting.

Are snakes capable of biting through rubber work boots?

“That depends on the rubber boot,” is the response. The teeth of a snake, particularly a deadly snake, are no match for ordinary rubber work boots.

Would you anticipate a rubber boot protecting your foot from a wrathful Rottweiler? Venomous snakes have a biting force best than that of a Rottweiler.

It is naive to believe that a standard pair of rubber work boots are enough puncture-resistant to protect your foot from an agitated snake’s biting force. Even some leather cowboy work boots are not completely snaked safe, especially if they are heavily worn or poorly constructed.

However, you may purchase rubber work boots to protect yourself from a snake bite. These work boots will be constructed from puncture-resistant materials.

They are often formed in layers, with one or two layers of rubber. The most common materials are leather, neoprene, polyurethane, and rubber.

The majority of snake-proof work boots are constructed from a mix of two or more of these materials. Additionally, they have a snake guard lining composed of a material that is both flexible and impermeable. Between the exterior material of the boot and the inside lining lies the snake guard lining.

What Is The Purpose Of Rubber work boots?

Rubber work boots are excellent all-purpose footwear that is primarily meant to keep your feet dry and protected from the elements.

Additionally, they may be used to shield your feet from harsh chemicals and oils, as well as to give grounding protection in the event of unintentional electrocution.

Are Rubber work boots Comfortable?

This is critical if you want to wear your work boots all day. While rubber work boots are not ideal for warmer conditions, if you live or work in an area that receives a lot of rain or snow, these work boots can actually rescue the day.

They keep your feet dry and clean. Most rubber boot makers now provide several types of cushioning and soft lining, and purchasers can inquire about whether these features are included, as well as insulation for use in colder climates.

This is a critical factor to consider while selecting a pair of rubber work boots. What level of security is included? Is the structure substantial? Are they guaranteed to withstand the elements?

Some may even have steel toe caps, durable midsoles, and chemical-resistant materials. For hunters, a decent rubber boot may come in camouflage colors and may be made of odor-resistant materials.

Which Rubber work boots Are The Most Comfortable?

The most comfortable rubber work boots are made of high-quality rubber or a flexible, forgiving rubber/synthetic mix.

They will be lined with a cushioned and comfy footbed that is intended to wick away sweat and absorb shock for hours of pleasant wear.

How Can I Improve The Fit Of My Rubber work boots?

What alternatives do I have if I’m looking for a pair of comfy steel toe rubber work boots?

Rubber steel toe work boots are available in a number of styles and pricing points. Four of my five favorite rubber work boots include a steel or composite toe; this is because many vocations that need a rubber boot also require the protection of a safety toe.

Numerous of the best-rated rubber work boots include a safety toe. Additionally, the Muck and Bogs work boots are insulated.

Each of the four receives an excellent grade overall, but particularly high points for comfort. If you’re looking for a more affordable choice, the Servus boot mentioned below is excellent steel toe rubber work boots to consider.

Caterpillar Unisex-Adult Stormers Steel Toe Rubber Work Boot––This Servus boot is extremely inexpensively priced, verging on suspiciously so, yet nevertheless has really positive comfort reviews. Customers in a variety of vocations, including an oil rigger, a commercial diver, a FEMA employee, and a brewer, rated it five stars.

If your rubber work boots are too tight, wearing them with a thick pair of socks and blow-drying them might help expand the rubber to better adhere to your feet.

Wearing cushioned, moisture-wicking socks or inserting a padded footbed will help make rubber work boots that are somewhat too big fit more comfortably.

Which insulated rubber work boots are the best? I’m on the lookout for the best rubber work boots for agricultural labor.

Two of the 9 best rubber work boots in my opinion are insulated. The Arctic Shield Neoprene Rubber Work Boot is one of them.

Bogs Classic High Insulated No-Handle Boot and Kamik Icebreaker Work Boot. Each is rated to keep your feet toasty down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

They are all waterproof and extremely well insulated. If you require the protection of a steel toe boot, the Muck boot is available; if not, the Kamik Icebreaker or Bogs Classic may be a better fit.

Acid resistance is a feature of the Kamik boot. The Bogs boot’s footbed is moisture-wicking, while the Muck boot’s midsole is shock-absorbing.

The Kamik boot is less priced and is produced in the United States of America. The two work boots described below have certain similarities and also have some distinguishing characteristics.

They are also worth considering as some of the best insulated rubber work boots on the market.

It’s worth noting that numerous well-known brands, like HISEA, Caterpillar, MuckMaster and Arctic, do not sell insulated rubber work boots in the traditional sense.

They provide numerous styles of waterproof insulated leather work boots with rubber soles and/or a portion of the upper covered in rubber. Skechers and Wolverine both sell insulated rubber work boots, but neither receives high marks.

Which Brand Of Rubber work boots Is The Best?

Numerous manufacturers provide high-quality rubber work boots for a variety of applications. Our Review section discusses the top rubber boot brands now available for various demands or objectives.

Best Rubber Work Boots: Exclusive Tips

  • To prolong the life of your work boots, clean them well with fresh water after being exposed to harsh chemicals or oils. While many work boots are built to survive contact to these substances, they will last far longer if you avoid repeatedly leaving chemical residue on them.
  • Always check online user reviews to determine what other buyers think of the work boots you’re contemplating purchasing. Are the work boots truly as sturdy and robust as they promise, or do they have a track record of disappointing faults and substandard construction? This can ultimately save you money and aggravation.
  • If you get a pair of rubber work boots that is a touch pinchy or too tight, you can attempt to expand the rubber by wearing thick socks and your work boots. Then, while wearing the work boots, use a blow dryer set to medium or high heat to dry them. This can assist the work boots become more flexible and stretch to suit your foot better.

Conclusion: Best Rubber Work Boots

Knowing the high level of practicality and functionality of rubber work boots, as well as what to look for

Since the early days of the infamous “Wellie,” rubber labor work boots have developed significantly. While some may be doubtful about comfort over a long day of work or standing, modern manufacture may astound you.

Comfort is no longer a hoped-for illusion in rubber work boots, thanks to stronger outsoles, inside linings, and padding. Additionally, new styles include work boots that hug the legs, giving a comfortable fit and keeping the legs warm in colder weather.

For less costly models that lack cushioning, it is now feasible to add separately purchased soles to give additional comfort.

Our crew discovered that our boot selections ensured dry feet following a day of trudging through water and dirt. When available, insulation helps to make rubber work boots a viable alternative in colder areas.

Our list of the Best Rubber work boots received generally favorable reviews from all of our testers, as well as the numerous consumer reviews we analyzed.

Almost any of these work boots would suffice, but you should first establish your requirements and then compare the characteristics offered by each brand.

We picked the Tingley Economy Kneed Rubber Work Boot as our top selection because to its affordability and the fact that it has insulation, steel toe protection, and an EH certification. However, if your money is really restricted, you should seriously consider the Dunlop Rubber Work Boot.

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