9 Best Steel Toe Work Boots In 2021 [Expert Recommended]

In the workplace, foot injuries are frequent. When people are working, they get them. Heel injuries, fractures, and breaks are among the most common of these ailments.

The average ultimate settlement cost for a typical foot injury in the United States is $17,000. The human ankle The average ultimate settlement cost for a typical foot injury in the U. S. is $17,000.

The human ankle and foot, you know, contain 33 joints, 26 bones, and over a hundred ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It helps to explain why foot injuries are very painful and take a long time to recover.

Workplace injury avoidance is crucial for a variety of reasons. It also makes the most sense because it benefits both employees and businesses.

However, PPE reminders and warnings are insufficient. They must wear work boots that protect their feet and ankles from harm.

When the workplace is terrible, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates workers to wear steel-toed shoes.

The 95% of steel toe work boots can resist up to 75 pounds of pressure from falling objects. Steel-toed boots are good for standing on. We have tested that a few hundred pounds of dropped objects will not hurt your toe.

However, regardless of the fact the safety of these robots, many consumers are unhappy with their comfort.

This blog post will explain the many kinds of steel toe work boots. They are available in a variety of colors and styles.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the advantages and features of steel toe boots.

The boots that are on this list are proven and tested by workers. They are excellent and long-lasting. We have made it easier for you by finding these good steel toe boots.

It highlights key characteristics and provides information about the product’s warranty.

Our goal is to help you make an informed buying decision.

Top 9 Best Steel Toe Work Boots In December 2021 [Reviews]

1. Timberland PRO Men’s Pit Boss Steel Toe Work Boot

Timberland has been manufacturing boots since 1973. They have established standards for how they do things and are well-known for their strength.

Timberland is a brand that manufactures shoes and other items. They create items for those who enjoy the great outdoors, such as hiking and camping.

The Timberland PRO Men’s Pit Boss work boot, available in four colors, is made of 100 percent leather and fits true to size.

This boot is made of tough Nubuck leather. It is lined with a moisture-absorbing substance. The shoes are manufactured in a unique method to ensure that they endure a long time.

What makes this steel-toed work boot unique?

With a rubber sole and anti-fatigue insoles, it performs well in the most demanding situations, providing all-day comfort, protection, and robustness.

Using PRO 24/7 Comfort Suspension technology allows individuals to work in comfort. They are content, and it meets all of their requirements.

By reducing foot fatigue, stabilizing the arch, and cushioning footfalls provide optimum comfort.

In addition to being oil-,slip-, and abrasion-resistant and having padded collars for your comfort, these boots also meet the safety standards made by ANSI.

This boot features a steel-toe structure and a roomier toe box than others. This reduces foot discomfort caused by extended hours of frantic labor.

The traction grip on this boot is excellent. This is great for slippery surfaces. It also protects you from electric shocks. A detachable sock liner keeps blisters at bay. Moreover, the Nylon shock-diffusion plates give you support and make it more firm.

These boots come with a 12-month warranty. They are guaranteed against any flaws in the manner. They were produced or with the materials used.

The company makes use of both sustainable and recycled raw materials. Timberland is committed to the business and environmental stewardship.

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KEEN Utility Men’s Braddock Steel Toe Work Boot

A location of limitless liberty may be found everywhere in nature, whether it’s by the coast or in the hills.

A Hybrid Life is one in which individuals live in the open air and care for their environment while also creating opportunities for others.

This is what the Keen brand aspires to. Designed in Oregon, Portland, the Braddock boot is a medium-duty steel-toe boot made with high-quality materials obtained from all around the globe.

It’s a part of the “American-Built” collection from KEEN.

There are wide and standard sizes of the 100 percent leather-and-steel-toed Braddock available to suit everyone.

Because of its asymmetrical steel-toe construction, you’ll have plenty of space in the toe box.

When you combine KEEN’s water-resistant membrane with its comfortable heel cushion, metatomical arch support, and strong stability shank, you’ll be able to work through the longest shift with ease.

In Braddock, the outsoles of the boots cover your toes up to and over your ankles, protecting you from the dangers of working around heavy equipment and moving objects.

With non-marking oil- or slip-opposing outsoles, you can keep your boots firmly planted on wet or slick surfaces.

For zero-slip testing, this boot fulfills the ASTM F1677-96 Mark II standard. It also meets the ASTM F2412-17 and F2413-17 standards, which are I/75 and C/75, respectively.

This rugged work boot enables moisture to escape but prevents it from entering. Working in tough circumstances is made easier with the wide toe box and long-lasting cushion.

Dr. Martens Men’s Icon Steel Toe Boot – Best Wellington Boot

The Griggs family of Wollaston, Northamptonshire, has long been known for producing high-quality boots since its founding in 1901.

It has acquired a solid reputation for producing robust, heavy-duty industrial boots for decades and has been the core of the English shoe industry.

In what way does this footwear stand out from the rest? Comfort and breathability are key features of the Dr. Martens Men’s Icon steel-toe boot.

With a pull-on design, it’s easy to put on the classic Wellington boot. As an added bonus, the slip-resistant bottom of this industrial work boot with steel toes comes in an extra-wide, relaxed fit. Its genuine leather has a waxy sheen and a soft, weathered appearance.

Famous Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole proven to be alkaline, oil or fat-resistant.

Extra insulation in the sole helps protect the wearer from electrical circuits or charges if the shoe is dropped.

Stability and robustness are provided by a lush, weatherproof tumbled leather upper with a welted construction.

DM’s air-cushioned PVC sole is used in these boots, which also include an Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) footbed and padded ankle support. This pair of steel-toe boots protect against electrical shock. ASTM F2413-11 MI/75 C/75 EH is the standard that was satisfied.

Gaucho volcanic, black industrial grease, tan Greenland, and brown are the four hues available for this heavy-duty industrial boot.

You can never go wrong with this classic pair of shoes, no matter what color you choose. This easy-to-put-on work boot has everything you’ll need for a dangerous job well done without sacrificing your comfort.

The leather on the top of these steel-toe boots is of the highest quality.

This just indicates that the sole and top were initially heated and bonded together before being stitched. This pair of shoes wasn’t simply glued together like the others.

Irish Setter Men’s Marshall Pull-On Steel Toe Work Boot

Up till now, Irish Setter has produced excellent work, hunting, and other outdoor activities boots. They’ve always prioritized exploring new ideas and trusting their gut feelings, which has served them well.

Work boots like the Irish Setter Marshall steel-toe pull-on work boot are constructed from durable leather such as 100 percent full-grain nubuck.

These boots are made with a long shaft and a variety of features including a rubber sole, well-formed heel, and a detachable Polyurethane footbed.

What makes it stand out so much in comparison? Ultra-dry waterproofing, Vamp-Khaki Drill lining, and Quarter-Combat Super Knit fabric are all included in this combat jacket’s design.

When combined with the Ultra-dry system, the result is dry, long-term comfort and performance. Afraid about scalding hot floors? The outsole can withstand temperatures up to 246 degrees Celsius without melting.

Through the use of RPM Composite technology, it is possible to reduce weight without sacrificing comfort or durability.

The material used in this innovation is a ground-breaking amalgamation that reduces the weight of the boot while simultaneously increasing its durability.

It’s designed to be as strong and resilient as traditional materials without adding any extra weight.

With this work boot, you won’t have to worry about electrical dangers or shocks. It also meets ASTM F2413-M/I/75/C/75 11’s Electrical Hazard Safety Rating.

This industrial boot’s Electrical-Hazard-protected sole and heel construction provide further security. To clean, use lukewarm water and a soft cloth to wipe the boot.

Then let it air dry. The manufacturer recommends using any mild, unscented soap as additional cleaning if needed.

Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Steel Toe Work Boot

It was founded in the year 1883 in Rockford, Michigan, by the renowned American firm Wolverine, which combines cutting-edge materials with time-honored workmanship.

Working conditions may be harsh, but Wolverine work boots are built to withstand the most punishing conditions while yet offering all day comfort.

Wolverine is now the industry leader in footwear because to its unwavering commitment to innovation and unique technology.

In comparison to other manufacturers, the Wolverine Floorhand water-proof steel-toe work boot stands out!

A full-grain leather upper with 100 percent water-resistance keeps feet dry in slick, soggy, and damp situations.

It’s made of lightweight cement, and the anti-slip rubber lugs on the outsole help you stay on your feet even when the terrain is slick.

There is a lot to like about the way it looks and feels; the silver eyelets contrast well with the black stitching, and the modern form makes it an excellent choice for weekend or casual wear.

It features a lot of padding around the ankles, and the eyelets allow for a lot of different ways to customize the lacing.

Even if the water is ankle-deep, you won’t have any problems keeping your feet dry during a severe rain. It’s made of thick enough leather to keep your feet toasty even when it’s above freezing outside.

In addition to the completely cushioned, replaceable footbed, the rubber midsole provides additional stability and cushioning, and the nylon shank stabilizes the whole foot.

In hotter conditions, the moisture-absorbing mesh lining keeps feet cool. The sole protects the foot against electric hazards. Slip resistance is another strength of the outsole.

In accordance with ASTM F2413-18 M I/75 C75 EH, the durable stainless steel toe is graded. The lugs have been thoughtfully engineered and are excellent in wet, greasy, and gravelly conditions.

Muck Chore Classic Tall Steel Toe Men’s Work Boot

The company Muck Chore set out to find a way to keep workers’ feet warm and dry while working in filthy conditions in order to address a universal problem.

This led to the creation of The Original Muck Boot Company®, a company dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, water-resistant footwear that can endure muddy conditions throughout the year.

When it comes to product innovation and testing, it’s hard to beat the brand’s 20-year track record.

When working in wet, windy, snowy, muddy, or sticky circumstances, you can count on the Muck Chore Classic Tall steel-toe work boot’s dependability.

In spite of the worst working circumstances, it is nevertheless capable.

Comfort and suppleness are combined with excellent waterproofing, shock removal, and heat retention capabilities in this 5mm Neoprene with 4-way stretch nylon,

Which conforms to the contours of the foot to help prevent blisters and chafing.

From the arch, the shaft extends to the mid-calf region of the user’s leg. The stretch-fit binding on the top of the jacket allows you to regulate your body temperature more easily.

Overlays of high-grade, quick-drying rubber are also found on the upper. In addition, its 16-inch height provides additional security.

A steel shank with triple toe fortification and quadruple heel strengthening provides extra stability.

The boot’s well-ventilated Air-mesh lining wicks away moisture and perspiration while allowing air to circulate freely within.

From below-freezing to around 18°C (about 65°F), it’s considered comfortable. A durable, lightweight rubber outsole combines with unbeatable grip in every working environment.

The top-line stretch-fit binding keeps the calf tight and toasty, while the steel shank provides additional arch support.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH requirements are met by the steel toe, which is Electric Hazard (EH) Rated.

NORTIV 8 Men’s Safety Steel Toe Work Boot

NORTIV 8 is a well-known brand that specializes in creating boots for a variety of climates and uses.

Every step of the manufacturing process is under the watchful eye of the company’s quality control staff.

The company takes great satisfaction in the fact that it pays close attention to the smallest of details while yet providing excellent comfort.

Exactly what makes these full-grain leather boots so special? For comfort and impact/shock absorption, it features an EVA foot bed with a cushioned design.

They’re abrasion and slip resistant thanks to the EVA midsole, which is puncture resistant. To walk on varied terrain and do difficult tasks, the outsole provides excellent grip and multi-directional traction.

The steel-toe box of NORTIV 8 boots has been enlarged to further protect workers’ feet from crushing, tripping, and bumping when doing heavy labor.

Safety is ensured by the YKK side zipper and lace-up dual-closure design. Concerned about your own well-being? Long-lasting comfort is provided with a mesh-and-leather combination.

The non-slip properties of the linen insole help to keep your feet dry and comfortable for longer while also helping to absorb perspiration.

These boots aren’t quite featherweight, but neither are they light.

They weighed exactly what I anticipated them to, which was a significant amount considering the tough outsoles’ construction.

With that said, the top material wasn’t too thick or bulky, which let the boot retain a manageable weight that didn’t develop an uncomfortable, heavy sensation even after wearing it for extended periods of time.

The substantial weight of the outsoles made me feel more solid, which made it easier for me to walk over uneven terrain.

Merrell Men’s Windoc Steel Toe Work Boot

When it comes to tough footwear, Merrell takes sustainability seriously.

The company is always recycling and looking for innovative ways to provide pre- and post-user recycled materials in its supply chain a second chance.

For the company, sustainability means using materials like fabric from single-use water bottles and ocean plastics, as well as industrial trash to make new footwear components.

The Windoc steel-toe work boot from Merrell’s Work Collection protects your feet on the job with a variety of security and comfort features.

Full-grain leather uppers are waterproof, while the inside is a synthetic material for added comfort. It’s well-ventilated, and the arch support and underfoot cushioning are also top-notch.

Added zonal arch support and heel cushioning are included in the Kinetic Fit™ Base’s EVA-contoured footbed insole.

With its molded Nylon arch shank, it’s easy to move about with. Added comfort is provided by the mesh collar’s cushioned fabric inserts.

The excellent in-shoe sensation is made possible by the mesh lining’s high level of breathability. The shoe’s classic lace-up style ensures a snug fit.

Is there anything more you can do with it? Because of its M Select™ DRY water-resistance technology, it keeps water out while allowing moisture to vaporize.

The steel-toe construction adds further protection against abrasion. The heel’s air cushion absorbs impact stress and provides stability.

The outsole has passed Mark II testing and is oil/slip-proof. The 3 millimetres lug depth of the rubber M Select™ GRIP outsole provides excellent grip.

This steel-toed work boot has a mid-profile and protects against electrical dangers. Rapid running, lengthy standing, or kneeling provide no hazards.

These shoes include electric shock- and puncture-resistant steel toes and plates as an additional measure of security.

They can also provide protection from the effects of extreme heat for short periods of time. ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 EH safety requirements are met by the steel safety toe.

Buying Guide for Best Steel Toe Work Boots

Because they provide workers the comfort, support, and safety they need in their work environment, steel-toed work boots are a must-have for their outfit.

A wide variety of workplace dangers necessitate the use of safety toes, especially in industrial or construction settings.

Steel toe work boots can protect your feet from a variety of hazards, including falling items, electric wires, and a slick surface.

In the lack of adequate protection, employees risk injury and strain, which will have a detrimental effect on their productivity.

As a result, it’s critical to dress appropriately from head to toe. We’ll look at steel-toe work boots in this area, as well as other options for safety toes including rubber, plastic, and other materials, to help you choose the ideal pair.

Kinds Of Steel-Toe Work Boots

To be honest, there are many kinds of steel-toe work boots on the market that can keep your toes and feet safe when working in hazardous environments.

Check out all of the options before making a purchase.

Metatarsal Steel-Toe Boots: Steel-toe boots in the drop-hazard category are designed to protect the toe’s crown.

When used in areas where there is a high danger of falling objects, they protect the foot from harm from both the inside and the outside.

These boots are ideal for working around heavy equipment and on the construction site.

Tactical Steel-Toe Boots: These boots were made to withstand the rigors of the workplace. Military, police, construction,

And other public-sector workers often wear these boots because they perform well in demanding conditions and hold up well over time.

Because of their torsional rigidity, these boots are best suited for those who work longer shifts. These work boots are also very comfortable and light in mass, making them easy to move about in.

Goodyear Welt Steel-Toe Boots:  There is a leather strip stitched along the boot’s bottom edge and attached to the insole and top at the same time as the Goodyear Welt.

The welt may then be easily unstitched, releasing the sole while causing no harm to the rest of the shoe. This means that the shoe can be changed as often as necessary as it wears out.

It’s possible that the sturdy Goodyear-welted boot will have a shelf life of 6-10 years if only necessary, but this is very unlikely.

Pull-On/Slip-On Steel-Toe Boots: These boots fall into the category of slip-ons since they don’t have shoelaces or side zippers that need to be adjusted before they can be worn.

Workers can simply put their feet inside and take them out again when they want to go to the bathroom.

Electrical Hazard Steel-Toe Boots: An electrical shock-resistant sole is one designed to withstand high voltage electricity, electrical current dangers, open circuits, and other hazards a person may encounter when working in this kind of environment.

Steel Insole Steel-Toe Boots: Steel-insole boots with steel-toe protection are recommended if your job requires you to ride motorcycles or drive large vehicles.

Shoe cushioning is lined with steel inserts. These shoes are very comfortable, and they reduce foot movement and shifting, which helps to prevent bone and joint problems.

Metal Instep Steel-Toe Boots: Pointed and metallic items may be fortified in this way.

It may be used in industrial divisions dealing with equipment, metals, glass, etc. that have severe working conditions.

Injuries caused by shards of glass or other metallic objects may be avoided with the use of steel-toe work boots.

Tall Steel-Toe Boots: These are recommended for usage in filthy, soiled, and muddy workplaces, among other locations.

Acid and chemical leaks are prevented with the use of these devices.

The boot’s long shaft runs from mid-calf to just below the knee, providing protection all the way down to the toes.

Fisheries, cleaning sites, forensic work, and fire boots are just a few examples of places this is used.

Steel Toe Vs. Other Footwear Options

Working on construction sites requires safety-toed work boots. Consumers now have a wide selection of safety toe options.

Boots with Steel Toes

Most employees choose steel toes over other types of toe protection. These boots are resistant to a wide range of conditions thanks to their high level of durability.

Safety against large falling items, obstructions, and crushing compression danger under moving objects are all provided by steel toe caps, which are worn on the feet.

These boots are designed to protect the tops of the toes from being crushed by anything falling from the sky.

Work boots with steel toes are the most durable on the market today, providing reliable toe area protection.

Steel-toe boots are made by placing a toe cap made of hardened steel in the toe area and fabricating them.

Several manufacturers include a durable midsole plate to protect the underneath of the shoe. Heavy-duty industrial labor, such as working with heavy equipment in factories and mills, calls for these boots to be worn.

EN ISO 20345:2011 compliant steel-toe work boots have a steel-toe cap with a crush resistance of approximately 200 Joules and are equipped with an anti-crush.

These letters in the EN ISO 20345 standard denote specific safeguards, which are further classified into different categories:

  • A: Boots with anti-static properties.
  • FO: Soles that are impervious to hydrocarbons
  • E: A combination of heel and sole kinetic energy
  • P: Soles that won’t rip or tear by walking on them
  • WRU: The upper portion is water-repellent and impermeable.
  • WR: Boots that are water-resistant

The following additional features of steel-toe boots are available:

  • SB: A basic 200-joule impact with a 15,000-newton compression is used.
  • the protection of the toecap and heel, the anti-static properties, the absorption of energy in the seat area, and fuel resistance.
  • S2: Water resistance and water penetration resistance are added to S1’s specifications.
  • A cleated outsole and sole-piercing resistance are included in the S3 design.

Aluminum Toes

Toes made of aluminum provide excellent protection. Aluminum-toed work boots are less heavy than steel-toed ones,

which is why many workers prefer them. Because they’re little and light, they’ll be able to move about easily.

Because of its low weight, aluminum toe is a good choice for jobs that require a lot of walking or climbing.

Workers may avoid having tired and painful feet or legs at the end of the day by wearing supportive footwear.

Toes made of aluminum are as strong as toes made of steel. They’re as strong as steel and last just as long.

In addition, bear in mind that the toe box of an aluminum toe work boot is larger since it is meant to be a little thinner than other work boots. It’s more comfy because of the wider toe box.

Composite Toes

Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and plastic composite toes are just a few of the materials available for composite toes. Despite this, they’re very robust and resistant.

Toes made of composite materials don’t retain heat, making them ideal for casual use. Electrical dangers, falling items, and compression are all avoided,

Thanks to the thermoplastic polymer and non-metallic toe cap.

Fiber Toes

Toe caps made of non-metallic, lightweight fiber have bottoms that are more resistant to electric shocks, making them ideal for workers at high-voltage electrical installations.

When working on sites with electricity, electrical circuits, wires, switches, wiring, and the like, these gloves are a must. These are also very appealing.

Features Of Steel-Toe Work Boots

Work boots with steel toes are an excellent option for tough working situations and changeable weather conditions.

Materials & Design

Steel-toe work boots now come in a variety of materials, such as nylon mesh and full-grain leather, among others.

The outsoles, insoles, and midsoles are made from a variety of high-quality materials including suede, plastic, metals, carbon fiber, and non-marking rubber for increased resiliency.

Full-grain leather is a popular choice among workers since it is the strongest material and protects the foot from serious injuries while also providing excellent heel support.

Some people may complain that these work boots are too heavy. If you’re looking for a lightweight construction, nylon mesh is an excellent material to use.

Nylon mesh provides excellent protection and wicks away moisture from the foot thanks to its outstanding wicking abilities.


The average steel-toe work boot weighs about three times as much as a normal boot and is about an inch taller.

Avoid purchasing a lower size since wearing thicker socks may solve this issue while also increasing your degree of comfort.

Having the wrong shoe size can reduce your productivity and put you at risk of injury or discomfort at work.

Always purchase a size up from your normal boot size for the best fit. Make sure your feet have enough space to move around comfortably.

Make sure your arches aren’t bowed, and make sure your boots are securely fastened.


Steel-toe work boots’ comfort isn’t only dependent on their weight; despite being bulkier, they’re nonetheless useful.

Even while PU sole steel-toe boots are more comfortable when they weigh more, they may still be made lighter by compromising safety or comfort instead of the other way around.

Due to their intricate construction, some boots may weigh up to 6 12 pounds each pair, yet they still serve their purpose.


Steel is the most durable material, and steel-toed work boots are well-built and long-lasting. Steel Foot and the work boot are well-anchored thanks to the strong uppers and sturdy shanks.

If you’re moving large items, the inserts will help keep your feet stable and reduce boot abrasion.

Adding steel toes increases the boot’s resistance against piercing items such as glass, nails, and metal tacks. Drop risks and injuries to the toes and feet are specifically avoided with steel-toe footwear.

Customer reviews and warranty information are both important to prospective purchasers. Work boots from well-known brands may last longer and come with better warranties.

The frequency with which you use the work boots and the location in which you use them have a significant effect on their shelf life. The best durability comes from regular maintenance and cleaning.


Waterproof steel-toe work boots are a must for anybody who is going to be working in a tough or damp environment.

100% protection against liquid or chemical spills and rain in severe downpours is provided by the waterproofing material.

If you plan on using the boots in wet or slick conditions, such as rain, sleet, or snow, you’ll be pleased with their performance.


When working in very cold and frigid conditions, steel-toe work boots are a must. Thick uppers, insoles, and outsoles, or even unique technology, are used in these shoes to protect the feet and toes from colder temperatures.

Sole Type & Quality

To keep your feet safe from chemical exposure, wear shoes with the correct sole type. A slip-resistant sole is an absolute need if you want to reduce the risk of tripping and falling on the office floor.

Because of its great safety characteristics and low weight and comfort, a PU Sole is an excellent choice for runners. In terms of safety or comfort, PU Double Density is better than PU Single Density.

The PVC Sole provides excellent protection, although it is cumbersome. Electric dangers and high-temperature industrial activities are also ideal for Rubber Sole usages.

What You Need To Know About Best Steel-Toe Work Boots

Should you think about the dangers of your workplace before investing in steel-toed work boots?

Yes. Take a step back and evaluate your situation. There are some hazards that you should consider before making a purchase if you are susceptible to injuries from large and complicated equipment that may fall or roll during the course of your job.

Is the weather a factor in the kind of boots people buy?

It’s important to consider the weather while planning a company outing. If you operate in a very cold or hot workplace, you may want to invest in a steel-toe shoe to protect your feet.

Depending on where you operate, insulation and breathability are critical considerations.

The most durable safety cap for handling big items is steel-toe, right?

If you’re worried about heavy items injuring your feet or toes, steel safety toes are your best bet, since they’re the thickest and most durable choice available. You may rest easy knowing that it provides the highest level of security.

Can electrical hazard protection be added to steel-toe work boots?

Yes. Electric Hazard Safety is a feature of several types of steel-toe work boots, which protects workers from being electrocuted or electrocuted objects or floors.

Do steel-toed work boots need to be a certain size to be comfortable?

In order to keep your feet safe, comfortable, and free of abrasions from all-day usage, choose work boots that are relaxed or regular fit.


A steel-toed work boot is a must if you perform any kind of outdoor job where you’re at risk of being hurt. When it comes to productivity, comfort, safety, and physical well-being, it makes a significant difference to the well-being of employees.

As a result, you must carefully consider the characteristics of the many styles of steel-toe work boots now on the market before making a purchase.

Our favorite choice is the Timberland PRO Pit Boss, which has 100 percent Nubuck leather, a breathable lining, and a heavy-duty Goodyear welt construction for maximum protection in demanding working situations.

It’s ANSI-compliant thanks to its solid steel toe box, so it’s safe for workers to wear.

If you want the comfort of an EVA midsole and 100 percent full-grain Nubuck leather, coupled with strong cement construction and protection from impact and electric dangers, go for the Caterpillar Pelton pull-on work boot.

Skechers Workshire steel-toe work boots, on the other hand, are an affordable option for those concerned about electrical danger exposure.

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