How To Get Rid Of Odor In Work Boots [20 Proven Tips]


If you are a boot enthusiast, you may be aware of another aggravating condition… Yes, you guessed correctly… It’s the putrid odor emanating from your favorite boots! It’s an unavoidable position that you’re certain to find yourself in whenever you get home from a hard day of work. You cannot unzip your boots without releasing … Read more

Are Work Boots Considered PPE? (Experts Opinion)

Are Work Boots Considered PPE

A normal workplace is riddled with dangers such as sharp items, caustic chemicals, and live electrical wires. Your primary concern should be safety, and by wearing the best work boots, you can protect your feet from discomfort and incapacitation. However, are work boots considered personal protective equipment (PPE)? Yes, safety work boots are considered PPE … Read more

Can Steel Toe Work Boots Cause Back Pain? [Reasons & Remedies]


Nearly 54% of American employees report having back discomfort at least once a year, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Nearly 80 percent of back pain cases are caused by wearing improper footwear, not sports injuries!Yes, that’s correct! Back discomfort can result from wearing the wrong boots, which can stretch the nerves of the feet, … Read more